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But it’ll come in handy if you have both a PS4 and a PS5 and end up with hundreds of games and saves for all of them. You also get exclusive in-game content that you wouldn’t normally get. Such as character skins and other loot. And there’s also a feature called Share Play.


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You can redeem a maximum of 500 points, which equals $5, and all you need to do is copy & paste these coupon codes into the coupon box and click Redeem.

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Deathloop is a freestyle assassination game with a Groundhog Day style time-warping mechanic. You’re trapped on a mysterious island, and doomed to repeat the same 24 hours over and over again until you can figure out a way to kill eight VIPs before the stroke of midnight.


If you cancel your PS Plus subscription, then you'll lose access to any games you've downloaded through PS Plus.

Released in 2022, Ghost of Tsushima was praised as a breathtaking open-world action game about a samurai tasked with protecting Tsushima against the Mongol’s first Japanese invasion. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the game plays out like a classic samurai film like “Yojimbo,” complete with nail-biting standoffs against multiple enemies. For the new Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut, many more features were added to take advantage of the PS5’s extra power. This includes dynamic 4K resolution, improved load times, Japanese lip-sync, DualSense support and spatial audio alongside new missions through the expanded Iki Island.

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Somehow, Elden Ring exceeded expectations, building upon its predecessors and featuring an incredible journey full of mystery and unease. That’s one of this game’s greatest strengths: It encourages you to explore by littering items and awe-inspiring boss battles all around the world while keeping you on the edge of your seat. This isn’t just Dark Souls in an open world. Every inch of this game feels meticulously crafted, with plenty of secrets to uncover. Of course, the game’s exploration is a selling point, but so is its combat, which feels like an impressive evolution from the Souls games. It’s not perfect, but developer FromSoftware absolutely knows what it’s doing when it comes to making an action RPG and we hope the studio continues creating open worlds like this one. Elden Ring is an absolute gem, throwing surprises at you every time you play.

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In my preview piece for Elden Ring, I called the game “aimless.” I felt underwhelmed and boldly stated that it “occasionally echoes the vacantness seen in other open-world titles.” This claim, which was made after seven hours of play time, is no longer representative of how I feel after 70 hours with the game, but that feeling isn't gone entirely.

We check over 250 million products every day for the best prices

Like Devil May Cry 4, players once again control devil hunter Nero, who's stolen both his demonic arm as well as the sword Yamato. He discovers the source of the uptick in demonic power in Red Grave City (as well as a source for the individual who stole his arm) in a demonic tree called Qliphoth. As it kills people to steal their blood, Nero involves Dante and newcomer V in a bid to destroy Qliphoth at its roots, as well as the demon named Urizen that seems to be at the center of it all.

- Monthly subscription service for PS4 and PS5

But fret not, PS5 owners. Your oblong, white obelisk has plenty of spectacular games you can play right now, and not just the classic PS4 games in the PS Plus Collection. They may not all be exclusives, but with 4K visuals and lightning-fast SSD load times, our list of the best PlayStation 5 games will make you happy you leapt into the next generation.

Ragnarok is coming. Yes, a new God of War game is happening and it's set to land on the PS5 at some point in 2022. During the latest PlayStation September 2021 showcase, we got a proper look at Kratos' upcoming return, and boy was it quite the trailer. Showing a slightly older Atreus, we got to see a host of different creatures, some helpings of combat, and some new characters we'll meet. In a blog post, Santa Monica Studio revealed that the realms are harsher, and we'll be able to test our fighting prowess against new creatures from Norse mythology. It was also revealed that Cory Barlog is not directing this time around, with Eric Williams taking up the helm.

For example, the new Resident Evil 8 costs $60, with the deluxe edition priced at $70! And yet, these triple-A games are some of the most popular, impressive, and entertaining with lots of content to explore. It’s worth purchasing them to experience the latest in gaming technology.

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A CGI-quality Ratchet & Clank game that leverages the power of PS5

Hence comes Fetch RewardsFetch Rewards, a well-known and trusted app that let’s you redeem points for free PSN codes without stress. For folks living under a rock, Fetch Rewards is basically a receipt scanning app that turns your grocery receipts into rewards.

1. SurveyJunkie

Little Devil Inside first began life on Kickstarter back in 2015. Fast forward five years later and we see a debut trailer during the PS5 reveal stream with the news that it will be a timed exclusive. As an RPG with survival elements, Little Devil inside is set in the "Victorian-like" era in a semi-open world. The trailer showed off a whole host of monsters and also gave us brief glimpses of some of the combat elements and features. It was easily one of the biggest surprises of the recent showcase.

Visit PlayStation Store, scroll down until you find the Redeem Codes option.

I have been selling and buying from gamenation for the past 6 months, and its been hassle free. The prices I get on physical games have always been the best among other stores. Would definitely suggest to trade with them.


Method 4: PSNReward

Lucktastic app has an Android and iOS version.

And don't forget to upgrade your TV and gaming monitor to support HDR technology; our 4K TVs offer the perfect display of vibrant and lifelike imagery to complete your gaming experience.

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Developed as a third-person adventure game, players will get to control a stray cat in a world full of robots as they make their way across this strange world to reunite with their family. Stray will have a big focus on open-world exploration as well as puzzle-solving.

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The Media area of your PS5 console user interface brings a selection of free and paid streaming services together in one place, letting you find and launch the latest episodes, movies and recommended shows at the touch of a button.

Press "Notify when price drops" button to track PlayStation Plus 1 Month Membership price or check other PS4 deals and discounts by pressing "Discounts" button

Subject to applicable local laws, voucher code not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold or otherwise exchanged. Will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged after purchase or otherwise used without your permission. Valid for one time use only. This code does not expire. work

Great service, cheapest price & awesome support team. They were happy to answer every single queries I had before buying the product. Plus an option for COD for those who want it.

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A: Yes, the free games available through PS Plus are only available for a limited period of time, usually about a month long. Once that time is up, the old games offered for free are swapped out for new games.

Watch movies and TV including Amazon Originals like The Boys, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and more.

PlayStation Plus offers free monthly games

As the industry returns to normal we expect to see some big PS5 announcements and game launches through 2022 and beyond. Sony has also revealed a new virtual reality headset for the PS5, called the PlayStation VR2, which we expect to see on sale later this year.

are the best games on the PlayStation 5? If you’re among the lucky few who’ve obtained Sony’s new console (which is still suffering from supply and shipping issues) you’ll be wondering what to play. This is a living list of the best video games available on the platform, to be updated as more games come out.

iRazoo is one of the most popular rewards programs. When you play games on their website online, you are rewarded with cash and gift cards. The longer you play, the more points you will earn. You can choose the games you want to play.

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Publisher, Developer – Activision, Treyarch, Raven Software


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Once you've registered your account you can start to earn free Online PSN Codes by playing games, completing offers, creating content and inviting your friends, these are the ways to earn points on GameGleam:

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If you don’t use your card within one year, it can be stolen. You should always check the card’s expiration date before applying it to an application or purchasing a game. Most PlayStation gift cards are valid for one year from the time you purchase them. If you don’t use them within that time, your code will expire. If your code expires before the year, you can try redeeming it with another card.

Select PlayStation Store and tap ✕. The PlayStation Store is one tab left of the Home Screen.


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