National Prep Wrestling Championships Girls Division

History in the making

In this inaugural year, there will not be a qualification event to compete in the National Prep Championships.  All wrestlers enrolled at a National Prep school who are entered into the OPC and are in good standing are eligible to register granted the below criterion are taken into consideration. To register for the event, coaches will need to go to the   

 The National Prep Wrestling Board is pleased to confirm that there will be a GIRL’S DIVISION at the National Prep Wrestling Championships at Lehigh University on the 21st and 22nd of February 2020.  We are extremely excited about this awesome addition to the tournament, as Girls wrestling continues to expand across the country. The National Prep Wrestling Championships makes it 22 championship tournaments in the country for Girls wrestling! We are proud to join the growth of Girls wrestling in the USA!

National Prep Championships Registration PageThe registration process is the same as the Boys tournament: click on Girls under the "Click On Your Qualifier Before Logging In" heading. Then double-click on your school's name in RED to generate a log in page. Follow all of the directions provided for you on the team log in page. Once the team page is set up, enter all important information (record, accomplishments, etc.) for seeding purposes. Note: only one wrestler per team per weight class may register for the National Prep Wrestling Championships Girl’s Division.

Details, including the schedule of the tournament will be posted here once it becomes available.