National Prep Wrestling Championships History


In 2019 Blair Academy won its 40th team title- the most in tournament history.


Tatnall (DE) Wrestler Jim Krapf was the first four-time national Prep Champion, Winning titles from 1966-1669

Special Thanks to Larry Sheridan, son of William (Lehigh Coach & National Prep Tournament Founder), who has maintained copies of all tournament brackets back to 1935.

All records compiled and updated regularly by Bill X. Barron (Cardigan Mt. 1980-98, Hyde-ME 1998-2008) – e-mail any additions / corrections / suggestions to In certain years, the brackets did not identify consolation place-winners; please help fill in the missing information!

Not all first names were listed on many early brackets; as much as possible, they have been filled in by viewing adjacent years and newspaper articles. If you would still like your own copy of a bracket or news article, email Bill and he will send it to you directly. Bill welcomes any correspondence, especially anecdotes from past wrestlers and coaches, as a written history of the National Preps is in the making. PDF files of the history of the National Prep Championships are at the bottom of the page.

National Prep Wrestling Championships History: By the numbers

Most Team Titles

Most Individual Titles

Blair Academy (NJ)
Hill  School(PA)
Mt. St. Joseph’s (MD)
DeMatha (MD)

Wyoming Seminary

Mercersburg Academy (PA), Milton Hershey (PA) 

Bullis School (MD), Franklin and Marshall (PA), St. Benedict's (NJ)
Baylor (TN), Bishop Egan (PA), Blue Ridge (VA), Bryn Athyn (PA), Haverford (PA), Newton H.S. (NJ)
























Four-Time National Prep Champions

Jim Krapf, Tatnall (DE): 1966-1969 
Todd Beckerman, DeMatha (MD): 1993-1996
John Giacche, Blair (NJ): 1995-1998
Cory Cooperman, Blair (NJ): 1998-2001
Steve Mocco, St. Benedict’s/Blair (NJ): 1998-2001

Rudy Rueda, DeMatha (MD): 2001-2004
Travis Blasco, Blair (NJ): 2003-2006
Chris Villalonga, Blair (NJ): 2007-2010
Evan Silver, Blair (NJ): 2008-2011
Mark Grey, Blair (NJ): 2009-2012
Jack Mueller, Trinity Christian (TX)/Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2013-2016

Beau Bartlett, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2017-2020

Three-Time National Prep Champions

Andrew Kaul, Hill (PA): 1949-1951
Bill “Danny” Dyer, Hill (PA): 1956-1958
Hiram Mersereau, Hill (PA): 1956-1958
Robert Chappell, Hill (PA): 1957-1959
Mark Lieberman, Blair (NJ): 1972-1974
Jim Reilly, Germantown (PA): 1977-1979
Lenny Bernstein, Bullis (MD): 1982-1984
Jim Miller, Archbishop Wood (PA): 1982-1984
Mark Mangrum, Bishop Ireton (VA): 1984-1986
Sean Gray, Blair (NJ): 1994-1995, 1997
Quinn Foster, Paul XI Catholic (VA)/Blair (NJ):
Chris Rodrigues, Walker (GA): 1998-2000
Kurt Backes, Blair (NJ): 2000-2002
Max Meltzer, Bullis (MD)/Blair (NJ): 2000-2002
Robbie Preston, Blair (NJ): 2001-2003 

Ben Ashmore, Bishop Lynch (TX): 2004-2006
Eric Medina, Blair (NJ): 2004-2005, 2007
Max Shanaman, Blair (NJ): 2005-2007

Dan White, Peddie (NJ): 2005-2007
Mario Mason, Blair (NJ): 2006-2008
Austin Ormsbee, Blair (NJ): 2008-2010
Todd Preston, Blair (NJ): 2010-2012
Brooks Black, Blair (NJ): 2011-2013
Joseph McKenna, Blair (NJ): 2011-2013
Kyle Snyder, Good Counsel (MD): 2011-2013
Matthew Kolodzik, Blair (NJ): 2013-2015
Myles Martin, McDonogh (MD): 2013-2015
Michael Beard, Malvern Prep (PA): 2016-2018
Andrew Merola, Blair (NJ): 2016-2018

Trevor Mastrogiovanni, Blair (NJ):  2017-2019







Blair Academy (NJ)

Wyoming Seminary (PA)
The Hill School (PA)
Mercersburg Academy (PA)
 Milton Hershey School (PA)
 Mt. St. Joseph's (MD)
 DeMatha (MD)
 St. Benedict’s (NJ)
 Peddie School (NJ)
 Kiski Prep (PA)
 Bullis (MD)
 McDonogh School (MD)
 Bryn Athyn (PA)
 Franklin & Marshall (PA), Germantown Academy (PA), Gilman (MD), Lawrenceville (NJ)
 Baylor (TN), Malvern Prep (PA)
 Archbishop Curley (MD)
 Bishop Lynch (TX), Haverford School (PA), 

 Poly Prep (NY), Stevens Trade (PA), Tatnall (PA)
 Academy of the New Church (PA), Archbishop Wood (PA), McCallie (TN), University School (OH), Valley Forge (PA)
 Bishop Ireton (VA), Episcopal Academy (PA), Penn Charter (PA), Shady Side Academy (PA), Tabor (MA)
 Blue Ridge School (VA), St. Stephen's (VA), Georgetown Prep (MD)
 Bishop McNamara (MD), Calvert Hall (MD),  Good Counsel (MD), St. Alban's (NY), St. Paul's (MD), St. Paul's (NY), Suffield Academy (CT), Western Reserve Academy (OH)
 Brooklyn Prep (NY), Cadinal O'Hara (PA), New York Military Academy (NY), Newton HS (NJ), St. Christopher's (VA), Trinity Christian Academy (TX), Walker School (GA)
 Belmont Hill Academy (MA), Bishop Egan (PA), Hawken (OH), Horace Mann (NY), John Carroll (MD), Landon (PA), LaSalle (PA), New Church (PA), Northfield Mount Hermon (MA), Phillips Exeter (NH), Salesianum (DE), Severn (MD), St. Andrews, St. Mark's (TX), St. Paul's (NH), Woodberry Forest (VA)
Admiral Faragut (FL), Archisoph Carroll (DC), Archbishop Spalding (MD), Avon Old Farms (CT), Bishop O'Connell (VA), Brooks (MA), Chaminade (NY), Cantebury (CT), Cape Henry Collegiate (VA), Cardinal Dougherty (PA), Cardinal Gibbons (MD), Cheshire (CT), Choate (CT), Fork Union Military Academy (VA), Friends (PA), Glen Mills (PA), Girard (PA), Heritage (GA), Hopkins (CT),  Kent (CT), Kincaid (TX),  LaSalle (NY),  Liberty HS (PA),  Linsly (WV),  Long Island Lutheran (NY),  Loyola (MD),  Maine Central (ME), Manlius (NY),  Morristown (NJ),  Mt. Hermon (MA),  Newark (NJ),  Noble & Greenough (MA),  Norfolk (VA),  Paul VI Catholic (VA),  Peekskill Military (NY),  Perkiomen (NJ),  Phillips Andover (MA),  Providence Country Day (RI),  Rutgers Prep (NJ),  Shamokin HS (PA),  St. Joe’s (PA) St. John’s (DC),  St. Mary's Ryken (MD), St. Mary's (VA),  St. Vincent Pallotti MD),  Thayer (MA), Tilton (NH), Trinity (NY), Westminster (GA), Wooster (CT)

two-Time National Prep Champions

James Kilgour, Franklin & Marshall (PA): 1935,1937
Dom DiBattista, Franklin & Marshall (PA): 1939, 1942
Joseph Endrizzi, Franklin & Marshall (PA): 1939-1940

Andrew Victor, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 1939-1940

George Gebhardt, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 1942-1943
William Carlisle, Lawrenceville (NJ): 1947, 1949
Richard Read, Valley Forge (PA): 1947-1948
Carlton Conrad, Hill (PA): 1950-1951
D’Allesandro, St. Benedict’s (NJ): 1951-1952
Constantine Filipos, Valley Forge (PA): 1951-1952
Max Pearson, Hill (PA): 1952-1953
Francis Schaeffer, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 1952, 1955 Nolan Perry, Milton Hershey (PA): 1953-1954

Tony Stremic, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 1953-1954

Leon Harbold, Hill (PA): 1954-1955
Ken Roberts, Milton Hershey (PA): 1955-1956
John Wynne, Hill (PA): 1956-1957
Jim Detrixhe, Hill (PA): 1957-1958
Joe Matisak, Milton Hershey (PA): 1956-1957
Kirk Pendleton, Academy New Church (PA): 1957-1958
Carl Rhodes, Milton Hershey (PA): 1959-1960
Mark Klippenstein, Bryn Athyn (PA): 1960-1961
Jack Lutz, St. Paul’s (NY): 1960-1961
Dick Via, Milton Hershey (PA): 1960-1961
Bob Hartestine, Hill (PA):
1961, 1963
Mike Caruso, St. Benedict’s (NJ): 1962-1963
Bob Fehrs, Milton Hershey(PA): 1962-1963
Bruce Gladish, Bryn Athryn (PA): 1962-1963
John Stephenson, Hill (PA): 1962-1963

Chip Healy, Baylor (TN): 1964-1965
Jeff Hensen, Hill (PA): 1964-1965
Jim Glasser, McCallie (TN): 1966-1967
David Icenhower, Penn Charter (PA): 1966-1967
Rupp, Milton Hershey (PA): 1967-1968
Carl Biello, St. Benedict’s (NJ): 1968, 1970
Bob Barretta, Penn Charter (PA): 1969-1970
Doug Schutte, Hill (PA): 1970-1971
Steve Bissell, Hill (PA): 1971-1972
Doug Weiss, University (PA): 1972-1973
Brian Boyle, Severn (MD): 1974-1975
Keith Dixon, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 1976,1978
Mike Valore, Kiski (PA): 1977-1978
Charles Ball, Haverford (PA): 1979-1980

Jeff Urbany, Kiski (PA): 1979-1980
Pete Shaifer, Penn Charter (PA): 1981-1982
James Reich, Kiski (PA): 1981-1982
Eyvind Boyesen, Academy New Church (PA): 1982-1983
Kirk Salvo, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 1983-1984
Ken Miller, Archbishop Curley (MD): 1983, 1985
Kurt Tamai, Archbishop Curley (MD): 1984, 1986
Chris Konovalchik, Western Reserve (OH): 1985-1986
Scott Schmitt, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 1986 -1987
Phil Bryant, DeMatha (MD): 1987-1988
Andre Kelley, Bullis (MD): 1987-1988
Damon Johnson, Blair (NJ): 1988-1989
Byron Magill, Peddie (NJ): 1988, 1991
Scott Shaw, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 1988-1989
Dave Leonardis, Blair (NJ): 1990-1991
Khalil Abdul-Malik, St. Stephens (VA): 1991-1992
Greg Knox, Calvert Hall (MD): 1992-1993
Sean McDermott, Lasalle (PA): 1992-1993
Adrian Miles: Episcopal (PA): 1993-1994
Daniel Devivo, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 1994-1995
Ty Willman, Hill (PA): 1994-1995
J.R. Plienis, McDonogh (MD): 1995 -1996
Matt Kenny, Blair (NJ): 1996-1997

Marat Tomaev, Blair (NJ): 1997-1998
Wes Cummings, DeMatha (MD): 1998-1999
Foley Dowd, Peddie (NJ): 1998-1999
Nate Wachter, Germantown (PA): 1998-1999

Dave Hoffman, Hill (PA): 1999, 2001
Kurt Backes, Blair (NJ): 2000-2001
Zach Esposito, Blair (NJ): 2000-2001
Mark Bogart, Blair (NJ): 2002-2003
Olabode Ogunwole, Georgetown (MD): 2002-2003
Mark Perry, Blair (NJ): 2002-2003 

Brendan Paez, Cardinal Gibbons (MD): 2003 -2004
Mike Rowe, DeMatha (MD): 2003-2004
Hudson Taylor, Blair (NJ): 2003-2004
Adam Frey, Blair (NJ): 2004-2005
Mack Lewnes, Mt. St. Joseph (MD): 2004, 2006
Bryn Holmes, McDonogh (MD): 2005-2006
Riley Adamson, Bishop Lynch (TX): 2006, 2009
Jared Platt, Blair (NJ): 2006-2007
Sean Boyle, Blair (NJ): 2008-2009
Joe McMullan, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2008-2009
Michael McMullan, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2009-2010
Evan Henderson, Kiski (PA): 2010-2011
Dominick Malone, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2011-2012
Jack Clark, McDonogh (MD): 2012-2013
Frank Mattiace, Blair (NJ): 2012-2013
Eric Morris, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2012-2013
Russell Parsons, Blair (NJ): 2012-2013
Alfred Bannister, Bishop McNamara (MD): 2013-2014)
Nicky Hall, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2013-2014
Jack Mutchnik, St. Paul’s Boys (MD): 2013-2014
Joey Prata, St. Christopher’s (VA): 2014-2015
Mason Manville, Blair (NJ): 2014, 2016
Mike Rogers, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2015-2016
Chris Cannon, Blair (NJ): 2016-2017
Chase Singletary, Blair (NJ): 2016-2017
Owen Trephan, Blair (NJ): 2018-2019

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Five-Time National Prep All-Americans

Scott Hill ‘88, Bishop O’Connell (VA): 1985(4th), 1986(4th), 1987(2nd), 1988(3rd), PG(1st)
Ty Willman ‘95, Hill (PA): 1991(8th), 1992(2nd), 1993(4th), 1994(1st),1995(1st)

Nate Wachter '99 Germantown Academy (PA): 1995(3rd), 1996(2nd), 1997(6th), 1998(1st), 1999(1st)
David Hoffman ‘01, Hill (PA): 1997(7th), 1998(2nd), 1999(1st), 2000(3rd), 2001(1st)

Michael Bressler ‘07, Grace Brethren/Progressive Christian (MD): 2003(4th), 2004(3rd), 2005(4th), 2006(2nd), 2007(4th)

Nicky Gordon ‘09, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2005(6th), 2006(3rd), 2007(2nd), 2008(2nd), 2009(2nd)

Four-Time National Prep All-Americans

Randy Weinberg ‘70, Baylor (TN): 1967(2nd), 1968(3rd), 1969(1st), 1970(2nd)
Ken Miller ‘85, Archbishop Curley (MD): 1982(4th), 1983(1st), 1984(2nd), 1985(1st)
Kurt Tamai ‘86, DeMatha (MD): 1983(3rd), 1984(1st, 95) 1985(1st), 1986(1st)
Noel Clavel ‘87, Blair (NJ): 1984(4th), 1985(4th), 1986(2nd), 123; 1987(2nd)
Kevin McCarthy ‘92, Cardinal O’Hara (PA): 1989(6th), 1990(2nd), 1991(1st), 1992(2nd)
Chris Arcuri ‘94, Haverford (PA): 1989(2nd), 1992(3rd), 1993(2nd), 1994(1st)
Preston Berry ’00, Mercersburg (PA): 1997(6th), 1998(3rd), 1999(3rd), 2000(1st)
Reed Carpenter ’01, Bishop O’Connell: 1998(4th), 1999(5th), 2000(2nd), 2001(5th)
Josh Wildes ‘04, Pomfret (CT): 2001(8th), 2002(4th), 2003(7th), 2004(8th)
Victor Mocco, Exeter (NH)/Blair (NJ): 2003(6th), 2004(6th), 2005(5th), 2006(3rd)
Mike Powers ‘06, Loomis (CT): 2003(3rd),  2004(2nd), 2005(6th), 2006(3rd)
Sean Bilodeau ‘07, Fay(MA), Brooks ’07 (MA): 2004(2nd), 2005(3rd), 2006(3rd), 2007(1st)
Mario Mason ‘08, Blair (NJ): 2005(3rd), 2006(1st), 2007(1st), 2008(1st)
Joe McMullan ‘09, Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2006(3rd), 2007(2nd), 2008(1st), 2009(1st)
Shane Milam ’09, McDonogh (MD): 2006(6th), 2007(4th), 2008(4th), 2009(2nd)
Troy Silver ‘10, Bishop Lynch (TX): 2007(7th), 2008(7th), 2009(4th), 2010(6th)
Bobby Burg, Woodberry Forest (VA)Mercersburg (PA): 2008(6th), 2009(2nd), 2010(2nd), 2011(1st)
Ryan Ponte ‘11, Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA): 2008 (4th), 2009(3rd), 2010(4th), 2011(5th)
Pete Galli ‘12, Saint Paul’s (MD): 2009(4th), 2010(5th), 2011(2nd), 2012(3rd)
Jeff Ott ‘12, Belmont Hill (MA): 2009( 8th), 2010(1st), 2011(3rd), 130; 2012(2nd)
Eric Morris '13 Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2010(2nd), 2011(2nd), 2012(1st), 2013 (1st)

Alfred Bannister ‘14, Bishop McNamara (MD): 2011(7th), 2012(2nd), 2013(1st), 2014(1st)
Jack Mutchnik ‘14, St. Paul’s Boys (MD): 2011(4th), 2012(5th), 2013(1st), 2014(1st)
Matthew Lattanze ‘16, Malvern Prep (PA): 2013(4th) 2014(5th) 2015(7th) 2016(3rd)
Nick Lattanze ‘16, Malvern Prep (PA): 2013(8th), 2014(4th), 2015(4th), 2016(3rd)
Joey Prata ‘16, St. Christopher’s (VA): 2013(5th), 2014(1st), 2015(1st), 2016(2nd)
Will Verallis, Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA)/Wyoming Seminary (PA): 2013(4th), 2014(2nd), 2015(5th), 2016(6th)
Philip Conigliaro '18, Belmont Hill (MA): 2015(4th), 2016(7th), 2017(1st), 2018(6th)
King Sandoval '18, St. Mary’s Ryken (MD): 2015(5th), 2016(3rd), 2017(2nd), 2018(3rd)

Connor Alexander '19 St. Christopher's (VA): 2016(5th), 2017(7th), 2018(7th), 2019(5th)

Justin Henry, Mt. St. Joseph’s (MD):  2016(6th), 2017(6th), 2018(8th), 2019(3rd)

NCAA Champions from National Prep Programs*


Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel) won three National Prep titles (2011-2013) before winning three NCAA Championships for Ohio State (2016-2018). He is also an Olympic Gold Medalist (2016) and two-time Senior World Champion.

Blair Academy- NJ (17)
Ed Ruth (Penn State) 3X Champion
Mark Lieberman (Lehigh) 2X Champion
Pat Santoro (Pittsburgh) 2x Champion
Steve Mocco (Oklahoma State/Iowa) 2X Champion
Mark Perry (Iowa) 2X Champion
Kellen Russell (Michigan) 2X Champion
Mike Lieberman (Lehigh)
Kelly Ward (Iowa State) 
Rico Chiapparelli (Iowa) 
Zack Esposito (Oklahoma State) 

McDonogh- MD (1)
Myles Martin (Ohio State) 

Our Lady of Good Counsel- MD (3)
Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 3X Champion

St. Benedict's Prep- NJ (3)

Mike Caruso (Lehigh) 3X Champion


Hill School- PA (2)

Hud Sampson (Penn State) 

Andy Fitch (Yale) 

Academy of the New Church- PA (1)

Kirk Pendleton (Lehigh)  

St. Andrews- TN (1)

Bill Harlow (Oklahoma State) 


* Please help us complete this list. If you know of former National Prep champions who went on to win an NCAA title, please click here to email the information to the webmaster. Please include the wrestler's name, their National Prep school and NCAA school.

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