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National Prep Wrestling Championships Team Eligibility*
  • Participating schools must be accredited by an established regional, independent school accreditation organization that is recognized by the appropriate respective state department of education and the National Association of Independent Schools. 

  • Participating schools must require that, for the entirety of their time at their respective institutions, all students-athletes are enrolled (full-time and with a full course load) in an academic program that progresses toward a high school diploma or post-graduate certificate, provided by the member institution.

  • Explanation: The institution for which student-athletes compete in NPW must be the same institution by which they are enrolled in an academic program that progresses toward a high school diploma or post-graduate certificate.

  • Wrestling must be a recognized varsity sport at participating schools and an interscholastic competition schedule must be published by the school for public viewing not later than December 1st.

  • Participating schools must sponsor teams for at least two interscholastic varsity sports (each for men and women, if school is co-ed) per season (fall, winter, spring). All teams must participate in their respective leagues with a full schedule of competition that is customary for prep schools.

  • Participating schools are required to operate in accordance with the National Federation Rulebook.

  • Schools must not rely on public funding to sponsor operations.

  • Participating schools must be accepted for membership by the respective NPW qualifying zone organization.

  • Schools must participate in their qualifying zone tournaments to be eligible to participate in the National Prep Tournament.

  • Eligible schools that are not located in a qualifying zone will be required to seek and be granted admittance into the nearest geographical qualifying zone, prior to being evaluated and voted on by the National Prep Board.

  • Eligible schools that are not located in a qualifying zone and are not admitted into the nearest geographical qualifying zone must gain support for participation in National Prep Wrestling from schools in its geographic location, and then petition the board for the creation of a new regional qualifying zone.

  • For National Prep Tournament eligibility, prospective NPW schools must be approved by the National Prep Board by a majority vote, not later than December 1st of the season in question.

  • Participating schools may not take part in their state's public school state wrestling championships.

  • Newly onboarded NPW schools must commit to participation in the National Prep network for a minimum of 8 years. Failure to honor this agreement will result in a “Notice of Violation” letter, sent to the school’s state athletic association, signed by the National Prep Board.

  • Participating Schools must join the NWCA prior to their first competition and follow the TrackWrestling / National Prep OPC weight management guidelines.

***Approved by NPW Board on 5/1/23***

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