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National Prep Wrestling Championships
General Information


National Prep Wrestling Championships (NPWC) Mission Statement - est. 1935

The mission of the National Prep Wrestling Championships is to provide a competitive, culminating experience for wrestlers from National Prep Wrestling Member schools who meet the qualifying standards. The tournament strives to be a showcase for the best wrestlers from member schools, giving them the opportunity to compete in a National level tournament. The National Prep Wrestling Championships is committed to providing healthy weight management standards, as well as support and education for member schools. In addition, the organization is committed to recognizing and promoting wrestlers, coaches, and member schools who are leaders in the sport.

The National Prep Tournament recognizes the following Core Values:

  1. Sportsmanship

  2. Healthy Weight management

  3. Growth of the sport 

  4. Education/promotion of the benefits of athletics in general and boys & girls wrestling in particular:

  • Healthy competition

  • Clear eligibility for member schools 

  • Clear eligibility of wrestlers

Celebrating the National Prep Tournament’s history and legacy as the premiere independent school wrestling tournament in the country since 1935, the NPWC is committed to values that are aligned with the various regional/state associations that constitute the NPWC qualifying zones (i.e.: VISAA in Virginia, NCISAA in North Carolina, PAISAA in Pennsylvania, NEPSWA in New England, TAPPS in Texas, etc.)

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